Tim Sutton

The Race of Gentlemen 2018

Tim Sutton
The Race of Gentlemen 2018

The Race Of Gentlemen

Pics By Moe " Burnemup" Sache

and East Coast Mike!


Well Another one is in the history books, as the days were winding down at Wildwoods New Jersey there was a lot of here say and speculation. It mostly stemmed from two separate wrecks on the beach. Will this be the last Trog was the biggest question I got from people, and assured them that I was the absolute wrong person to ask , lol. The knitting circle was in full force. 

First and foremost everyone os safe , no one is gonna die and everyone will be ok!!

Well just getting a few answers from Mel was that It will not be the last , as I thought that answer would be , quickly followed by Sushi and Jeremiah are doing OK. Those were the two folk that got a little wadded on the beach. Thank goodness!!!!   Those wreck may have been attributed to a few things that happened in the ocean , not giving the boys of trog an actual tide shift and hard packing the sand as it rolled out and in overnight and the following day. There seemed to be a river in between the beach and the ocean which pinned them to one track , and if you've ever been you'd know the track changes with the tide. Not ideal when your running a bike or car over sunbaked sand, but hell they were racing.

  There are rumors of a second race in Pismo and or Galveston Island and well I'd like to say they are true ish. Both have been on the table before and logistics are getting worked out to see if it can maybe be an actuality.  Dates may or not be in the October time frame for one of the two, we will wait for the real word coming down the Pipe But I would place my money on driving to Texas if I were a gambling man. That would be rad cause its only a day and a half there and not 3-4 days to jersey for me ! Im selfish I know , But better yet Pismo is just a few short hours... or maybe it all ends up in Sweeden , keep us guessing .   I sure hope the folk in the California gov give us a second chance as it would be awesome out here in the west , but at the same time Galveston would be epic too, maybe even open up a best of the east and best of the west grudge race.. Who knows, all I know is that if you've been to trog and ran down the beach no matter what you were having a blast! Having fun is the most important thing. And if you haven't gone well you should .


 Let the haters hate.......  TS

The fallowing galleries are from Mo and Mike, enjoy em and check out some of the bitchin cars..\