Marcy Molkenthen

Hop Up News

Marcy Molkenthen
Hop Up News

So a lot of people have been asking, "What's going on with Hop Up?"
Short story: we are not going away.

So as you might imagine, it's not exactly the golden age for print magazines----look around and you see that in the years since Rod & Custom went under, Traditional Kustoms folded, Powerglide in France went away, Old School Rods & CK DeLuxe retired and sold off those titles and even Rodder's Journal relocated in an effort to cut costs.
Now we didn't get involved in Hop Up thinking we'd strike it rich, but money certainly is a factor when each of us are working our real full time jobs on top of Hop Up duties. Combined with some internal issues and the pressure of producing quarterly from advertisers and subscribers, it frankly took the fun out of hot rodding for us.

We stopped taking subscriptions and stood back to re-evaluate the situation. There was even talk of just paying the subscribers back and hanging it up...
But ultimately we love Hop Up and being out at shows and talking to people I know many others love it too.
To just quit would be a disservice to Spence and Morty and everyone who contributed to the history of Hop Up.

Ultimately we decided to go back to go forward....
The first new printed material in 5 months is at the printer now and will be available out on the salt at Bonneville. This is a little pages sized magazine and our tribute to the first Hop Up issues in 1951, a special on Bonneville with great never before published photos, great history, rare collectibles, fresh illustrations and insider anecdotes.
Those who are still owed subscription issues will be sent the Special as a bonus and it will be available on the website shortly after Bonneville along with a bunch of other new merch.

And did I mention the Specials will only be $7.00! and if you buy one at Bonneville we'll donate $1.00 from each sale to Save the Salt!

Beyond this little pages style special we will be returning Hop Up to an annual format----even larger and thicker (think book like) with the beautiful photography and "right" cars Hop Up has become know for.
John is already working on the layouts for Volume 15.

The new freedom means we will also publish more Specials---basically whenever we feel like it-----and we feel like it! Lots of great ideas flowing!

We are working on a new subscription service and hope to have that live before Volume 15 drops----basically you will "opt in" and be billed each time we produce and send an issue until such time as you "opt out".
That way no one will miss an issue and at the same time there won't be the usual questions that came from expected quarterly issues or wondering when subscription ran out.

Thank you so much to the advertisers, dealers and subscribers who believed in us and thanks everyone for your patience while we charted our course

Long Live Hop Up!