Tim Sutton

The Eagle Field Runway Drags 2017

Tim Sutton
The Eagle Field Runway Drags 2017

The Eagle Field Runway Drags

By Kleet Norris


    For the eighth consecutive year the historic WWII airbase, Eagle Field, played host to an exciting weekend of flag start, vintage drag racing.  With the old airbase situated out in the countryside, just south of Dos Palos, California, it offers up plenty of room to host a drag race.  Aside from the drag racing, the base gives spectators the chance to explore dozens of old military vehicles, airplanes, and even a museum where they can learn about the history of Eagle Field.  


From its humble beginnings of only around 40 cars, the event has grown to over 200 cars participating with more racers coming each year.  The drags are usually twice a year, with the last one held on the first weekend in October.  The drags are held in the traditional flag start style.  With the traditional format of Eagle Field, it allows a lot of hot rods and historic drag cars to safely race down the eighth mile drag strip, whereas at other tracks they would be confined to the car show.   


The highlights from this year’s race being General Jerry Lee, who is the oldest licensed wheel stander at eighty years old.  There were also several gassers and dragsters on hand making passes throughout the weekend.  Including “Rocky’s Evil Twin” dragster which runs two small block Chevy engines.  Rocky Phillips, who is the creator of the event, built the dragster with his son Lee about six years ago.  They have been racing the dragster at Eagle Field ever since, and making special appearances with it around the country promoting Eagle Field.      


    The next Eagle Field Drags is scheduled for May of 2018.  If you’re a fan of vintage drag racing and hot rods, start making plans now to attend the event.  You’ll not want to miss it!

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