Tim Sutton

Meet the Advertisers- Advanced Plating

Tim Sutton
Meet the Advertisers- Advanced Plating

Advanced Plating

Nashville, TN

By HOP UP Staff


Well we love all our advertisers and hell even people that don't advertise, were just a damn love fest around here for cool shit. Well they say if it don't go chrome it , Well there ain't much cooler stuff than a ton of chrome on our hotrods and customs and we had the pleasure of taking a field trip to go see the best of the best , Advanced Plating in Nashville ,TN. Id say off hand that if it won any major awards in the last decade or more, it has probably has gone through the hands of Steve Tracy and or Josh Mishler in Nashville.  I mean ,if one is serious about top notch shiney stuff they send it to Advanced with piece of mind.  


Piece of mind... loaded words huh makes you feel all happy n stuff right , well yeah. Let me start out with this . The guys down there are awesome humans to start off with , they are just salt of the earth individuals and above all they understand what its like building cars. Staves been at this game a long time and has an arsenal of cars he has built. Josh aint no slouch either as he's putting together a 32 right now that'll be killer, seen some of the drawings and work and boy its gonna be amazing. You could just talk shop with them about anything under the sun, for that it makes me happy. But in the world of business and getting stuff done thats just the bonus to have a good group of guys to talk with and maybe share a margarita on the salt at Bonneville with. Brass tacks the devils in their details for my pun happy fingers, but really it is , they are very reputable.


As far as piece of mind go and above doing a slick job with the brightwork , they have never lost one single piece of anyones ever. That is a bold statement to have especially since during the flood they had a few years back they were under over 5 feet of water! This sort of organization makes it very peaceful when sending it to them knowing that not only are you going to have the shiniest chrome, but they won't loose any of your or your customers parts in the process.  Another fine point i saw when I was down there is that they take huge measures to keep the detail of the part while smoothing and polishing the rest . I for one have had a few parts come back and the buffer got a little carried away and buffed out names and accent grooves on parts. That when your trying to build your love and joy can hurt a little especially as you are spending your hard earned cash for it . 

There is a price ...... always a price , but as the story goes you get what you pay for. Ive had the cheap in my life, but after a while you figure out why its so cheap cause it starts leaving you like a dollar at the strip club.  Rust bubbles peeling yada yada yada. Or hell they just pile it all on over what was there. yeah well you saved a buck now your gonna do it again and if the part didn't get mashed the first time it may the second at another cheap place , or you can just hand it over to guys that really care.  

From the time your parts come to them for plating they are given a number work order and color code. At each stop of the the part through the maze of dipping blasting dunking sanding and polishing there is accountability. Everyone has to initial as it leaves and who it went to . That way there no excuse , no loss and everything gets done right the first time. When its your time to shine your parts are stripped of their former beauty and the good stuff starts happening . If it needs metal repair they got your back, straightening no problem, bags of pieces of pot metal yep they can put it back together. then it gets smother and dipped in copper , then sanded , and this step can go on for as long as it takes to make it perfect .I know I'm missing a few steps but then its to chrome. The process is super labor intensive . If you've block sanded a car you know what goes into that , well this is all in metal.  They do it right the first time and thats why they have such a good reputation with us and builders. Its simply quality through out , its American workers doing what they do best . 




The process is not cheap by any means in todays society of keeping up with environmentalists and the EPA.  Josh showed us around and finally we got to the dirty stuff that in the chrome business no-one wants to talk about . The waste product..... Well put it this way its 100% environmentally friendly. All liquids actually get separated and turn into water that is put back into the Nashville water system cleaner than they came in . The other byproducts are dry and really weird looking , that also is used as a compost . 100% badass for all the tree huggers.



People say you can't get good chrome these days because of the EPA well heres proof you can. More chrome shops should take note and maybe it wouldn't be a diving profession. So if ya need any brightwork done , get it done the first time right and get it out to advanced , they ship worldwide and would be happy to help you out !

Address: 1425 Cowan Ct, Nashville, TN 37207

Phone: (615) 227-6900