Tim Sutton

Texas Moonshine Run

Tim Sutton
Texas Moonshine Run

Texas Moonshine Run

By Marcy


Most people think of Georgia or other parts of the South East when they think of moonshine, but Texas has a rich moonshining history of it's own.

To celebrate this a group of San Antonio car clubs and friends decided to put on The Hot Rod Bustle aka the Texas Moonshine Run.


It is safe to say these days that events where people can actually drive, race, or generally flog their cars are the ones that really generate excitement. 

The Moonshine Run combines that with the laid back feel of an extended family reunion picnic.

The event is held on The Reyes Ranch just outside San Antonio with pre-party the night before at Bexar Bones Garage in San Antonio. Their is no power parking, no focus on awards or on live music. Instead it's about friends and family's hanging out and talking, grilling and enjoying the beautiful fall Texas weather.....oh yeah, then there's the racing.


The track is a little over a mile squared off oval of dirt, but the moonshine kicker is, there is a 'shine refilling station halfway through the run. 2 person teams compete in several classes by engine and year in the timed event. The object is to make it to the still and fill to precise levels several jars of shine, then race back to the starting line to drop them off (to be measured---over or under is a penalty) then a complete hot lap for their total time.


It's a blast to see the teams, which varied from husband/wife to father/son to just clubmates or friends try various strategies. From flathead powered hot rods to full sized customs flopping in the dirt everyone had a smile on their face. There was even a 17 year old in his first car---a chevy gasser, not exactly a roundy round car, giving it a go.

It is an event destined to grow, but hopefully always maintains that chill picnic vibe.



This year's event is October 20th and 21st

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