Tim Sutton


Tim Sutton


Conway Washington

By Monique Sache


Have you ever been to a show that knocks your socks off?  When you’ve had such a good time it makes you want to share it with everyone you know, yet there is a small part of you that hopes no one finds out about it, so it can stay as is, not wanting it to change in any way? This is what happened to me out at the Swindlers C/C poker run this past September.


Over 120 cars crossed over the tracks and rolled into the small town of Conway, Washington, the meeting place for the Swindlers’ 18th annual poker run. A traditional old-timey event, participation takes no more than a jalopy and a full tank of gas. It was a full day, the route covering over 80 miles of winding, tree-lined backroads in the Pacific Northwest. Waking up a few sleepy towns along the way, drivers stopped only to be dealt a new card for their poker hand and top off their tanks, leaving only the hint of exhaust in the air behind as they left. 


The run wrapped up at the shop of Marc Njof,  shared by Mike Santiago and his uncle Paul Reichlin. It’s a quiet low-key place filled with enough treasures to make anyone drool. Stories were swapped, a few cold bevies were drunk, and some good grub gobbled: a great way to wrap up an amazing day.

I am sure many will be back for next year’s run, though a little part of me hopes it’s not too many more!