Tim Sutton

Where are we going with this

Tim Sutton
Where are we going with this

Gonna ramble off here into the ether for whatever of y'all are left of the 19. I came to a crossroads in my life when I bought what was a fair square deal on a 32 ford sedan . It was a roller, it was a good body , it was well everything I really wanted to get on with a project after the van went. The sedan of that year is probably the cheapest way to get into a 32 and well I like them just fine.. always have always will. I did as I usually have when I was younger you get the itch to start dreaming it up and start thinking about the parts hoard you have to acquire to make the whole damn thing go boom. I aint a rich man , father of two, and soley support my family off the way my eye sees. I have to be very prudent on how I spend a buck.  I digress, I was picking parts and throwing em in the rafters until I started pricing things for the sedan. Things like a wood kit and garnish mouldings were on the top of the list as I wanted structure and the components needed to do the first thing and that was a haircut.. Probably not on everyones first of agendas but was on my mind .I priced em out and well thats when I realized it wasn't a game Ill be able to play for quite some time, so I offed the project and the dream lives, but that one is going to be someone else money pit. 

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Im  big guy and well damnit I should be driving a bigger 32-34 automobile in my head. That just aint gonna happen though . Ill stick to my sled and whatever model Ts fall in my lap as they are worthless to most of them out there now. 


Prices...... Whiskey Taango Foxtrot!!!! 


Seriously why are these piles of crap we love so damn much so damn expensive. I gotta text from a buddy that he just picked up a pretty bone stock 32 3-window coupe. He's adding fenders and flipping it along with I'm sure to be some other badass little tricks.  I told him hey depress me , whats the price tag on that? Turns out that that little coupe would be worth 125,000 dollars! I'd ask how , but it goes to prove theres an ass for every seat , and also proves my ass won't be in it unless I'm going for a ride with a friend. Its depressing.  


**I know the following are model 40s I like the pictures though**

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 5.31.52 PM.png


I ask you whats gonna happen in the coming years? Are the hoards from the 60s-80s going to become available to the lay person? Will the price drop? Will Cameros replace the 32 as the "IN "car to be and the 32 will become the horse ad buggy that no-one cares about accept for a few grumpy fucks like myself? Well I don't have the answer at all. The hotrod business is still the business at hand and well people are still paying ridiculous prices for old sheet metal but thats my opinion, just that . I still can't believe you can sell a model A coupe body for 5k!!! That should be closer to a 500 dollar price point I think , but maybe Im cheap... yeah probably yes cheap..


I'd like to see young guys get in this but can totally see how someone can get discouraged.. Their are alternatives if your willing to work hard for them , Buy it one piece at a time , quarter panel here , door there , oh wait a good door can be over 1000 dollars. I don't think it works out weight wise as worth more than gold but dang its close..Well I hope there is hope and longevity for our hobby and it don't turn out that it( can't put in what I really think) dies. Other ways for the long score is to build whats cheap and flip it, if you have a little talent and know how not to cross thread a bolt ,you can start with the cheap pile of parts sell flip buy build and save denier always trading into something better.


Im here for the longhaul, Ill be pecking away at something and maybe late in life ill have one of them fancy hotrods.

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