Nagoya Speed and Custom Show

Nagoya Speed and Custom Show

Where to begin, the Japanese are in a league of their own.

I decided to plan a trip to the Nagoya Speed & Custom show after grabbing a poster from the Deadend Magazine booth at the 25th Mooneyes show last December. For a few months after, there was a lot of speculation as to what the show would be like. Arriving late on setup day, I was completely floored at how relaxed the atmosphere was, the hospitality and the amount of righteous Cars and Bikes that were being prepped for the show to come.


The show isn’t as big as Yokohama Mooneyes, but the quality & atmosphere is easily on par. For me, the jaw dropping Grateful 70’s line up of Lowrider’s stole the show. It was a never ending rainbow of colour, chrome and hulicinative interiors.


There was a selection of Vendors inside the main hall, but the 300 stall swap meet completely caught me off guard. From home-made leather goods and jewerly, to vintage Hot Rod and Chopper parts, the Swap-Meet had something for everyone!


As you walked from the main hall to the swap meet hall, you passed an array of different food & drink vendors. This was a blessing in disguise for some poor souls who partied hard at the Paradise Road 30th birthday party the night before.


If going to the Nagoya Speed and Custom Show has crossed your mind, I can’t recommend it highly enough. It is a one day show, however, being held in Nagoya it is very easy to visit some world renowned workshops and tourist spots. Organise some shop tours before you head over, there’s a good reason why they call it“kustomcitynagoya”.



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