Tim Sutton

The Boogaloo 2016

Tim Sutton
The Boogaloo 2016

Photo Gallery By Chris Cooper


Australia’s largest gathering of purely traditional-style hot rods, customs and motorcycles was orchestrated by Des Russell and Tesha Mahoney as part of their first ‘The Boogaloo Invitational’.

Des felt that a unique show for traditional rides was needed and the best way to pull it off was to make it invite-only. The rules were simple, pre-1965 traditional style hot rods and customs, no billet, nothing stock, and customs had to sport a minimum of three mods including body alterations While the motorcycles were to be pre-1975 traditional-style American or British, Choppers and Bobbers.  Therefore the 400 invitees were on-point as was the atmosphere with usual show distractions like bands being purposely avoided.

The traditional hot rod community keenly supported it from the get-go, with people eager to volunteer and get their builds ready for the show. Even Des’ buddy Jeff Peterson flew across from America to help out.

Getting the motorcycles in from the East Coast was a mass ride of choppers and bobbers riding 550miles from Sydney to Castlemaine, organised by Matt Machine of the Machine Files. Called the Boogaloo Rendezvous, it has become an event within the event.

Once the road trippers rolled into the Castlemaine grounds, most were eager to see the large amount of Survivor hot rods on show and chat with their Australian hot rodding pioneer owners.  Surrounding the Survivors were some of Australia’s best traditional hot rods, customs and motorcycles that were all running the vintage gear or darn close to it while paying homage to the 40s to 60s eras. No fillers, no restos, just traditional-style as the show flyer promised. And the perfect collection had an uninterrupted view thanks to Des’ well thought-out layout.

While the hopped-up cars and motorcycles built the foundation, the completed atmosphere was like a huge backyard barbeque provided by the country location, cheap beers, delicious food, trader-alley, warming barrel-fires and like-minded people. On Saturday night the Boogaloo Vision projector screen came to life, with a short preview of Motornation TV / Mad Fabricators as well as viewings from Noisy Brigade and Tim Caraco.

Des and Tesh definitely pulled off what they set out to achieve and couldn’t have done it without a few key helpers, clubs and great sponsors. They don’t plan on getting bigger, just better. Keeping the top quality with a positive, relaxed feel with inspiring owners, builders and observers.

Next year Stromberg is again a major sponsor, this time giving away an ’55 324ci Olds topped with triple big-97s. Keith Weesner and Piero De Luca will also be headed across to hang-out with the Aussies.

So, if you’re a traditional car and motorcycle guy or gal, head over to Castlemaine Victoria next year on 28-30th April to immerse yourself in the Boogaloo goodness.