Tim Sutton

Complexity of Virtues

Tim Sutton
Complexity of Virtues

By Tim Sutton

What you seek can be found, be there and be ready for it when it

falls in your lap....

What do you do when you find a car that was in storage for many

many years, unfinished in being refinished from over a decade

ago. What would one do...

I see this car as one of a pair , almost as good as John Joyos

survivor 36 but in a different way.

What would one do .... do you get them running and leave them

as they are? Do you finish the work that was started decades

ago? Do you commit to refinishing the car as the original owner


I could spin up a story of a man that went to war and came home

to his life and built this car as it were , then decided to refinish it in

later years only to get stopped by some god awful reason and

there it sat. I could also write up a story about how for 20 years 2

men pined over the car to get it and it all lead to a piece of paper

they had written their number on to get them the car many years

later. we will get to the bottom of this for you guys if the new

caretaker is privy. but for now the pictures as it was captured

months ago at Stokers Hotrod Factory in Upland , Ca.