By Tim Sutton

Well If you don't know H&H well your probably living under a rock

and getting a ton of stuff done. They have become the source for

flathead building for a ton of folk out there building their dreamers.

Even if you had yours built somewhere else you'll probably be

dealing with mike at some point. He makes it to tons of shows

across the United States and shows people just what he does and

has. One of which is probably the largest selection of new heads

and intakes and bolt on goodies for your hotrod. His flagship the

Navarro Brand heads and intake are still even casted in the same

foundry as when Barney was doing it . I have had the chance to

see the place its an amazing process. Maybe we can get a

glimpse of it in another installment.

But for now I offer this . Mike and H&H just acquired the patterns

and tooling for Sharp heads and intake. They are offering the 21

stud heads. a little something to give you the much needed umph

in that old flatty of yours. Along with the heads he is jamming out

a new 3x2 and 2x2 intake bearing the sharp name.

A ton is going on over in Mikes camp right now . He probably had

the market cornered on lincoln V-12 speed parts and is working

on something that has never been done before. All I can say is

start collecting Lincoln V-12's.

And if enough wasn't enough I got to catch up with the Tony

Thacker helping out doing a new book with H&H on how to build a

flathead. Whew busy day sweating in La Canada.