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Tim Sutton
Meet the Advertisers - JOKERR Fab


Indianapolis , In.

Meet the Advertisers


Meet Joe Kerr from His own company much like his name.........


I met Joe just this past year and by chance. I was heading to the salt near the bend in the road and saw the coupe I'd been drooling over with John all weekend sitting right next to the Bonneville sign. Joe was grabbing something out of his trunk and I saw a picture so I stopped posed out and shot it while no-one was the wiser. I had to go up to the man and exclaim how possessed I was with his nailed powered coupe and praise his work for a minute. The man was Joe and he was doing what he does when he travels and getting a picture pf ol wax henry ford figure by the sign with his coupe.  


Joe was on his way out and back home. He told me how he had driven the coupe to Bonneville from Indianaand was about to set sights on going back. What a hell of a ride I thought cause I passed and took the cheap seats in the Tacoman. Anyhow I was blown away That we met under those circumstances and wouldn't have it any other Way. We talked for a bit and he said if I'm ever in his area to give him a shout and stop by "he'd buy the BBQ". 

Little did I think he knew I love BBQ and whats better than BBQ But free BBQ. Weeks later I was on a job out in Terra Haute In and booked some time to visit with some family and then drop in on Joe. I am so glad I did. Joes a hell of a Guy , worker, and builder. His shop is perfect , small comfortable with anything you need to get stuff done . Joe was in the middle of a few projects for customers when I was over and I guess I was most Blown away by the Packard, 1 of 3 race car. Lots of originality to it and just to see it in the raw was a bonus. Such an exciting part to a build. 

He also had another sweet little HiMi Powered coupe he was helping a kid friend build on nights and weekends , a 35 and a sedan that was in the early stages of work. 

I spent most of the day with Joe and know he's one hell of a guy. If your ever In Indy and need a little help Give him a shout! But fro now check out his website and the pics we shot while we were there!