Stromberg E Fire!!!!!

Stromberg comes out with a new Dizzy!!!


March 2018. Stromberg adds flathead distributors to a growing range

NEW FROM STROMBERG for your flathead Ford. The e-FIRE distributor, with electronic ignition, traditional looks, easy installation and simple set-up. 

The initial e-FIRE range comprises four front-mount distributors for Ford 59A flathead engines: 11A-style three-bolt (1932-41) and 21A-style two-bolt (1942-48) models with 12 volt negative or 6 volt positive ground. New models for other hot rod engines are planned for later in the year. 

Every e-FIRE distributor features electronic ignition. So there are no points, no condenser, no black (or red) box and very little maintenance. Just higher efficiency, economy and accurate spark timing. It’s easy to install, with just two wires to a regular coil. The advance rate and max total advance are tuned specifically to suit the flathead V8 motor and every e-FIRE distributor is machine tested and ready to run. 

Best news is, the new Stromberg distributor looks like it belongs on your traditional flathead motor, with a regular black cap and the static timing screw on the side so it looks and adjusts more like a stocker. There’s an old-school performance tag with a unique ID number, and it’s also made as short as possible, which is important if you’re building a hot rod. 

Stromberg owner, Clive Prew said: “Engine distributors are obviously a new departure for Stromberg, and the learning curve has been steep, but I’m super proud of what we’ve achieved. The new ignition is built with our traditional Stromberg customer in mind. And we approached it as we always do - quality first. To prove their reliability, we’ve had units in road testing since last summer.”

The new Stromberg e-FIRE distributor range is available through the worldwide Stromberg dealer network. For further information, email us direct at

aaaaaand that was the press release from Stromberg and Clive.


I gotta say these things are seamless, The power gains from just switching over you can actually feel on the pedal, its amazing! Seriously a bolt on item , I literally bolted the 3 bolts up and fired it off, no lag , no sputter , just raw ignition power that looks like the real magilla and works like something of today with reliability you want out of your daily car. Add this to the other perfect products Clive it making and it makes for a perfect combo for your flathead.  Take it from a guy who hated 97's until clive came along , follow the instructions and it will blow your world. everything they are doing out in jolly ol is perfect.see for yourself.