Tim Sutton

DIXON sohv Cylinder Heads!

Tim Sutton
DIXON sohv Cylinder Heads!

H&H Flatheads Introduces DIXON sohv Cylinder Heads


Here at Hop Up we try to bring you the cutting edge goods as soon as they hit the market , you know , the stuff that really matters not the crapola that the other guys push , this is the stuff we dream about putting on our own cars and using in our builds. Thats the difference. Im personally excited about this , when I heard the excitement from Mike on the phone when he said he got the patterns for the Dixon SOHV heads. Ive seen a few pairs in collections , but now he's going into production again , something that hasn't happened in decades. He is making it easy to be a one stop shop for flatty stuff for sure as he already is producing most of the heads and intakes from the past. 

Anyhow Ill stop sucking him off, cause thats not my job . Im just excited theres another ohv head out there for flat ties thats available. I know I will never own a set of ARDENs but hell Dixons might be in the future if I play my cars right and save my pennies.  The price point is steep , but very reasonable at 7,000 ish dollars for the whole setup. thats a fraction of Arden prices! This is why I think its gonna appeal to the you know,  guys like me and you, investment but still not the price of a house in Georgia. I had a chance to go down when he got a set running on this Blown m engine. It sounded tough as shit. Id like to see real numbers against the Arden with the same cam rotating assym and blower. Get the real hard facts on HP and torque would be real nice , blown or un blown.  We will see if we can get Mike to get to the Dyne and sell it to us. Different is easy , but different and putting math to it is better. 

One really cool part to the DIXON heads are that you can run any intake you want , your not confined like you are with the Arden.  2x2 3x2 4x2 blown or whatever you got , it works as the DIXON only moves the exhaust valves to the heads which is one of the flattys accilis heels I think. It sucks but doesn't blow stock. anything to make these engines breath is a plus!.. well Im sold . Time to start looking into what is in the change jar and start collecting pennies.  The full press release is below the next pic , keep reading from our good friends at H&H Flathead and Tony the lime Thacker. Keep up the great work boys !

Source: NZ HOT ROD May 2006

Source: NZ HOT ROD May 2006

La Cresenta, CA — Highly regarded as the ‘go to’ shop for Ford and Lincoln flatheads, H&H Flatheads has re-introduced the rare “DIXON” SOHV heads for the flathead Ford V8.



“Hot rodders are always looking for something different and the single overhead exhaust valve DIXON heads are definitely different.” Said Mike Herman, owner of H&H Flatheads. “They have an amazing pedigree having been first successfully run at Muroc Dry Lake in 1938 when on July 3 the Dixon-Richards entry set the top speed of the meet at 120 mph. Fast for its day.

dixon 1.jpg


“Basically, the DIXON heads relocate the exhaust valve out of the block and into the head reducing overheating and allowing for vastly improved exhaust gas flow. And, of course, they also give you four rather than three exhaust ports for a more contemporary, balanced look.”


Cast in Los Angeles from the highest quality tempered A356 aluminum and CNC machined, the DIXON heads are designed to fit the desirable 1938-1953 59A and 8BA 24-stud flatheads. The heads come complete with Isky valve springs, 1.5-inch diameter stainless steel valves, adjustable push rods, lifters, custom head gaskets and a pair of exhaust flanges. It’s everything you need to make the conversion.


Besides an ever-widening range of speed equipment, H&H Flatheads also offers full machine shop services for classic engines; everything from hot tanking, acid dipping and pressure sealing through all stages of machining to short or full-block assembly.


About H&H Flatheads

A family business now in its third generation, H&H has been rebuilding all early-Ford engines from Model Ts, As, Bs, and V-8s in the same La Cresenta, California, location since first opening its doors in 1972. Mike Herman branched out in 2003 to specialize in flathead Ford V-8s and brought into the fold Navarro Racing Equipment, Sharp Speed & Power Equipment, Austin Speed Equipment, S.Co.T. Blowers, Wilson & Woods 8BA heads and most recently the Dixon sohv cylinder heads. Besides the Ford flathead, H&H also specializes in Ardun conversions, Lincoln V-12 and other vintage engines including Y-Block Ford, Nailhead Buicks and Chrysler Hemis.